Kinderforest program details

daily & weekly rhythm 



Daily Schedule


9:15 Arrival

9:15-9:45  Morning chores: water collection, meal preparations, firewood, gathering supplies for the day's adventures

9:45- Morning Circle and greetings, songs, movement

10:00-11:15 Into the fields and forest! Outdoor play, exploration, wildcrafting, etc

11:15-12:45  Lunchtime- sharing our freshly prepared meal together

12:45-1:15  Storytime, transition to rest/quiet time, half-day dismissal

1:15-1:45  Quiet time, rest

1:45-3:00  Outdoor play & work continues: wildcrafting, outdoor games, animal time, explorations

3:00-3:15  Clean up, closing 

3:15  Dismissal


Clothing, shoes, outerwear

Appropriate clothing and shoes will make your child's experience enjoyable and memorable, while supporting our child guides as they lead the children through the day's explorations. Children are required to have seasonally appropriate outer wear, shoes and clothing!  We can provide limited resources and support for families who need assistance acquiring or sourcing affordable options. Here is a list of essentials:

  • Rain-boots (insulated ones like Muck boots or Bogs are ideal)

  • Moisture proof outer layers- winter jackets or rain jackets, depending on season

  • Wool or natural fiber under-layers in Winter

  • Head-gear and hats- sun hats in Summer, woolly hats in Winter

  • Gloves or mittens in Winter

  • Wool or other quality fiber hiking socks

  • Small rucksack/backpack and water bottle

Sliding Scale Fees



4 Half days per week = $500 - $700 per month

$5,000 - $7,000 per year sliding scale, paid in 10 monthly payments

9:00am-1pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Transportation & Carpool




SOLA Kinderforest provides a limited number of seats for van transportation from Earthfare Westgate to our campus, for an additional fee of $65 per month.  Please note that van transportation does not run in the middle of the day, so half-day attendees must be picked up by parents on campus at dismissal time. Please inquire about transportation options and availability during your visit.  SOLA Kinderforest is located 20 minutes from downtown Asheville in Candler.