Global village Cultural Immersion

Exploring Roman ruins in Arles, France, 2018

Exploring Roman ruins in Arles, France, 2018

The Value of Learning Life Skills through Cultural Immersion 

Our Grades 7-12 SOLA students are offered a unique opportunity to experience themselves as cultural beings within a global culture through our Global Village Cultural Immersion programs.  Global Village is offered as a double-trimester elective, and participating students must enroll in both trimesters.  During the first trimester, students will select a venue and begin planning their trip, creating a budget, developing fundraising platforms or a student run business, and depending on the venue, identifying service projects in their intended destination.  During the second trimester, they will dive deeply into the culture, language, food, history and ecology of the intended destination.  As they prepare, they will practice important life skills that will be needed during their adventures, such as cooking, cleaning, working as a team, navigating using maps, group decision making, running a fundraising platform/business, and more.  Through this process, they will learn more about themselves as creators of their own class/community culture, and dive deeply into cultural identity as an element of their own humanness. These expeditions are led by experienced mentors, teachers and expeditionary educators. We are currently establishing additional venues in Ireland, Costa Rica, and Bali which will include even more art, food, culture and adventure experiences.

Grades 7-8 venues are chosen by teachers/guides; grades 9-10 venues are chosen by students from a teacher-curated list of options; and grades 11-12 students identify a self-selected, group elected venue of choice.  

2018 Grades 9-10 Venue: Southern France

Our 2018 9-10th grade class travelled to Southern France for an immersive experience of this unique region- a place where diverse world cultures have intersected for thousands of years!  We were based in the village of Rousillon, and spent our days exploring the medieval villages of Lacoste, Gordes, Bonnieux, and the bustling historic cities of Arles and Avignon.  We explored Lavender fields, sampled olive oil and honey from a local organic farm, visited prehistoric caves, learned to harvest clay and make pottery, paint and pigment, sampled delicious regional and French cuisine, learned history, rode horses and fat bikes through fields and ochre canyons, and swam in the pristine blue waters of the Gorges du Verdon. Click here for a sample budget. 





2018 Grades 7-8 Venue:  New York City

This year's 7-8th grade class travelled to New York city for an exciting urban adventure in America's most multicultural city.  Students visited art and history museums, attended a broadway performance, took historical tours, saw the statue of liberty, explored the oldest 'China town' in our country, and much more!