Resources, Articles & Information

Education as a Living Art- This beautiful video explains how Living Education is essential to all humans as we rise to meet the greatest need of our time….our need for ensouled participation in Earth’s diverse community of life.


The Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Mind Over Machinery- A great article on balancing technology, appropriate use, and child development, etc

Media Mindfullness: A video about media, presented in the context Waldorf education

The Dark Consensus About Screens: New York Times Article

The Gift of Nature: Reflections of a Forest Kindergarten Parent

The Campaign for Commercial Free Childhood: A non profit organization dedicated to gathering research and information about commercialism’s effect on children

Why Nature Matters: Article in Washington Post, set in Asheville!

Adolescent Education: Bringing the Will into Thinking

Robin Hood Forest Kindergarten: A beautiful and informative video from NY Times Magazine

Kids Gone Wild: Video on Forest Kindergartens in Denmark

Waldorf Forest Kindergarten in Florida: Video

Education’s Role in Curbing Teen Anxiety: The effects of media culture and outmoded educational models