In addition to our own programs, School of Living Arts maintains collaborative relationships with several other organizations who are aligned with our vision and mission, or support our work in creative and professional ways.


The Center for Education, Imagination and the Natural World

There is a different way of knowing. The Center for Education, Imagination and the Natural World is about this other mode of consciousness. The work of the Center is fundamental and deeply important at this time in history. The children of the twenty-first century will determine the fate of this planet. The twentieth century was a century of death and destruction. The twenty-first must be a century of life. The Center is giving children integral experiences, validating experiences to give immediacy to the natural world in the course of their own human development as an emerging consciousness in our time.  Learn more about the Center's work at www.beholdnature.org



Liminal Equus

“Human to Animal Communion is unfailingly a bridge to our reunion with Earth Soul. Within the human-to-animal communion here, lies the purest return to the totality of our Belonging.” 

Liminal Equus is a holistic barn that practices Presence-ing and Mindfulness to engage the sacred bond between humans, horses, and all animals. In addition to our horse community, we are a sanctuary for rabbits, sheep, chickens, and two great Pyrenees dogs . We are dedicated to cultivating deep and meaningful relationships with all animals, and educating ourselves through the study of Animal Psychology, Herd Psychology, Natural Horsemanship, and Holistic Animal Husbandry.  Learn more at www.equineforestyoga.com



Elizabeth Porritt Carrington Art

Elizabeth is an Irish born painter of land and mythology. She is settled in Asheville North Carolina where she works from her studio in the River Arts District. Her work is inspired by her relationships to landscape, their stories and people, her archaeological work in the French Pyrenees and her deep curiosity and inquiry of the experience of being human. Elizabeth plays upon the boundaries of the real and imagined, expressing the often unspoken miracles of our aliveness by fortifying their color, light, and form in a liberated palette. She practices a process of focused presence and an unapologetic love of life in all its facets. " It is the crossing of vital points that I focus my work, the beginnings and the ending of days, seasons, lives. It is at the great threshold’s that I have felt most aware of being. Giving birth to my daughter and standing by those loved ones who have died. I have been given a critical and lasting sense of the tender vividness of our actuality. My work is an effort not to forget the gift of life for a moment or fully experience being in this natural world. My paintings are windows of canvas, wood, and paper. If they can evoke or inspire a moment' s rest on the majesty of the world, they have done their job well".  www.elizabethporrittcarringtonart.com


Journeymen Asheville

Journeymen supports adolescent males in their transformation to becoming men of integrity by modeling authentic masculinity, supporting self-awareness and emotional growth in a community that honors their youthful energy.  Journeymen mentors at-risk adolescent males (ages 12-17) during their transformation to becoming men of integrity. Our mentors model authentic masculinity and nurture self-awareness and emotional growth, while challenging and assisting boys to discover their unique gifts. We honor their emerging masculinity and youthful energy alike. In short we help teenage boys grow into men. www.journeymenasheville.org



Blue Ridge Energy Systems

Blue Ridge Energy Systems was founded in 1977 by Robin Woodward to address the emerging need for energy conservation in residential construction. Robin made his start in the industry building and installing solar water heating systems and woodstoves, and quickly began building energy efficient homes. Through hard work, attention to detail, and a focus on energy usage and systems development, Blue Ridge Energy Systems was building “green” before “green” was cool. At that time we referred to it as “super-insulated construction.”  BRES takes an economic approach to green building –  keeing building costs comparable to conventional building, keeping a homes’ energy costs to a minimum (about $200 per year for heating and cooling a 3,500 sf house), and uses the most durable materials available so our homes are both environmentally and financially sustainable. www.blueridgeenergysystems.com