Sacred Mountain Sanctuary Residential COmmunity


The SMS residential community is located on 41 acres of land adjacent to The Learning Village.  Although incorporated as a separate entity,  the activities of the community are interwoven with all facets of the greater SMS vision. Many residents are teachers or staff who work at The Learning Village, have children who attend programs there, or are involved in conservation activities, our equine and animal programs, biodynamic agriculture, or other SMS cottage industries.  Click here to learn more. 


SMS Residents honor and listen deeply to the land when designing and creating a home.  The materials and methods used to build homes incorporate holistic design, energy efficiency,  passive and active solar design, natural and eco-friendly materials, rainwater harvesting/remediation, while also honoring NC state and Buncombe county building codes.  Our community is comprised of 14 homesites, with 9 families currently living here full time, and 5 lots that have not yet been developed. All homes are constructed by Blue Ridge Energy Systems, an award-winning builder, designer and contractor of green, super efficient homes with over 35 years of locally-based experience in the green building and solar industries.

SMS also hosts one 'tiny home' lot, which is leased to individuals who are aligned with SMS and wish to live the simplified lifestyle that can be accommodated by a tiny house.

Our residential community land is governed by a set of conservation based covenants that restrict development and designate forests, fields, and other undeveloped areas as open spaces for community enjoyment.  The governance of our community and its social structure are holocracy/sociocracy based.  We occasionally gather as a community to celebrate holidays, perform land stewardship tasks, and enjoy meals.  However, the initiative for these gatherings is informal and participation is voluntary. 

If you are interested in purchasing or building a home and stewarding land within the SMS residential community, please email Jonathan Lim Land tours are offered by appointment only, and a request for scheduling needs to be made at least 1 week in advance.


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