Biodynamics at Sacred Mountain Sanctuary

“The biodynamic farmer is called to become both student of Nature and guide of Nature spirits, as he/she learns from and works with nature, gradually achieving within his/her soul the transformation of knowledge into contemplative devotions.” -Hartmut von Jeet

In 2012, after 2 years of listening and learning from the land, SMS began applying  biodynamic preparations to the soil and cultivated areas of our farm.  With reverence and anticipation, we buried the first set of horns to make BD 500 (horn manure) in the fall of 2012.  Since then we've continued to bury horns for BD 500 each year, so that we can begin to offer this medicine to the greater community.  We have added to our learning by also burying 504 (stinging nettle prep), and continue to cultivate many of the plants used in preparations. 

SMS is part of a growing family of farmers in WNC who meet regularly to learn, support and share in this important work.  It is our intention to craft and offer preparations to our family of WNC biodynamic farmers in the near future. If you live in WNC and are interested in collaborating, please contact Rebecca