Media Culture at SOLA


We are dedicated to nurturing each child’s capacity for creative imagination and independent thinking through communion with self, others, and the natural world. We make every effort to foster each learner’s healthy emotional development and relationship with their learning environment. These efforts can be undermined by encounters with media that separate them from authentic, embodied experience and instead promote a developmentally inappropriate or consumer-driven view of the world. 

Our curriculum and daily rhythm are informed and presented through stories, mythologies, direct human-to-human and human-to-nature communication and communion.  This conveyance is meant to live, integrate and rest within the child's imagination throughout the programming week- and beyond. It is our preference that the stories and experiences of our day remain prominent within the child as they are present with us through the programming week. Please make an effort to limit or eliminate media exposure, as best you can within your family culture.

If you would like to read more about the effects of media on children and young adults, please inquire with your child’s teacher for resources, or click here to visit our resources page.  We collectively recognize that children are able to learn the appropriate use of electronic media as a resource and tool only when it is introduced after the child has developed a rich experiential, multi-sensory, embodied foundation of self.