Resources & Contacts

Education Directory:

Main Office, Educational Programs:  828.665.6966

Nicole Almeida- Program Director, Starseed Kindergarten & Elementary Grades:   828.399.9274

Septimbor Lim- Program Director, Aeon Middle & High School, SMS Founding Steward:   828.242.3937

Joy Kennedy- Animal Arts Program Director, Equine Programs, Liminal Equus Founding Steward: 828.348.8870

Laura Coleman- Faculty Circle Mentor, Class Teacher: 828.989.9086

Rebecca Vann- Visiting Programs Coordinator: 828.301.0199


Residential Community Information:

Slater Solomon- SMS Residential Community HOA President: 828.230.5249

Jonathan Lim- Residential lot sales and information: 828.280.5761


Land, Animals, Stewardship

Rebecca Vann-Agriculture, Gardens and Biodynamics: 828.301.0199  

Joy Kennedy- Horses, Farm Animals, Liminal Equus: 828.348.8870

Septimbor Lim- Conservation Initiatives: 828.242.3937


Sacred Mountain Sanctuary Educational Campus

96 Rocky Cove Road

Candler, NC 28715





Sacred Mountain Sanctuary Residential Community

Ballard Cove Rd

Candler, NC 28715