What is a School of Living Arts?

SOLA School of Living Arts is a holistic, Pre-K through high school learning environment situated in a pristine natural setting. Our campus is located in the Asheville Mountains (Candler, NC), surrounded by Pisgah National Forest, and hosts 90 acres of orchards, fields, gardens and a small equine facility.  We define Living Arts as an enlivened re-imagination of the classical Liberal Arts, which originally sought to educate the whole individual- hands, heart, and head.  SOLA's Living Curriculum also recognizes the value of learning diversity, and is designed to meet a neuro-diverse community of learners through a truly holistic approach. Our curriculum is inspired the the indications of Rudolph Steiner, and challenges the intellect (head) through thematically presented, relevant academic studies; nourishes the heart through compassionate and contemplative participation in Earth's living community,  and engages the hands with meaningful, practical work and service.  We believe that real education is a life-enriching endeavour and should support the learner to thrive as a whole human being.

In addition to our Pre-K through 12 program, School of Living Arts also hosts farm and forest based homeschool enrichment programs, summer camps and classes for all ages, infant to elder.  Our many classroom structures and areas of activity function together much like an 'educational ecology', supporting meaningful work, study, and skills that are essential to the lives and wellbeing of our own, and the greater community.


SOLA's Forest Kindergarten is a nature centered learning and exploring environment for ages 3 - 6, offering the gentle rhythms of Waldorf early childhood education, presented by experienced child-guides, in a beautiful setting of fields, farm, and forest. Our program allows for deep, participatory experience of seasonal cycles and the rhythms of the natural world. Each day is is enriched with seasonally inspired songs, movement, stories, simple crafts, and plenty of free, imaginative playtime, both indoors and outdoors.  Click here to learn more.

elementary grades 1-6

SOLA's elementary grades program combines a Waldorf-inspired, full academic curriculum with daily nature immersion in a pristine environment of fields, farm and forest.  Our daily rhythm begins with contemplative time caring for the animals, then morning circle, thematic academic lessons, lunch, and afternoon enrichment classes such as handicrafts, gardening, music, games, horsemanship, archery and movement. SOLA currently hosts 3 mixed-age learning circles, grade 1/2, grades 3/4, and grades 5/6. Click here to learn more.

Middle & High school

SOLA offers a unique secondary schooling experience for grades 7-12, which provides ‘heart-hands-head’ integrated learning that encourages students how to think, not what to think.  SOLA middle and high school students are invited into deep inquiry and understanding of themselves and the world around them through thematic studies, internships, expeditionary learning experiences, and a challenging, relevant, enlivened academic curriculum. Click here to learn more.

Living Arts Discovery Days & visiting programs

In addition to offering programming for SOLA students, School of Living Arts provides Living Arts Discovery Days, homeschool enrichment, summer and all season camps, equine arts experiences and more to regional private, public schools and homeschool families. SOLA also welcomes program hosting partnerships with other educational organizations who are aligned with the SOLA vision and mission and can be supported by our campus and amenities. Click here to learn more.

What makes SOLA different?

School of Living Arts provides an education that nourishes life through artfully presented, deeply meaningful learning experiences.  We strive to offer a truly holistic educational journey that allows each learner to discover the the truth of who they are and to confidently carry that with them into a complex, ever changing world. Essential elements of our approach include, but are not limited to:

  • Enlivened academics taught by passionate teachers with deep knowledge in specific or multiple fields of study, and an abiding love for teaching

  • Language arts and humanities

  • Practical, fine, and performing arts and handicrafts

  • Scientific observation, experience, and experimentation

  • Deep and daily engagement with animal, land, and greater community stewardship and service

  • Cultivation of reverence and relationship with the natural world

  • Internships and meaningful service learning opportunities

  • Personal and interpersonal development supported through individual and group contemplative activities

  • A focus on relational learning and life skills that nourish physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing

How is sola organized- a private school, charter, home school co-operative?

SOLA is part of an emergent movement called Community Supported Education. The CSE approach was inspired by Community Supported Agriculture programs, where members pay a fee for services/farm products, while providing economic and participatory support to the the farm- purchasing, picking, planting,sorting, etc.   Working within the CSE framework,  SOLA and its programs provide the learning environment, and our member-families reciprocate by gifting their time, energy and resources to SOLA. Click here to learn more about micro-schooling, homeschooling, and co-operative learning in NC.

Our vision and mission

Our Vision
To create a sanctuary for learning in which we support learners of all ages and abilities to:
 ~cultivate a love for learning~
 ~collaborate with others~
~connect with one’s own inner guidance~
~commune with the natural world~
Our Mission
The illumination and refinement of each individual's native gifts through enlivened education for hands, heart and head